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Finally, after all the poking and prodding, the Backup Ribbon Project now has a ChipIn page.

Please feel free to donate and spread the word around about the page.

And a special thanks to danicia for suggesting ChipIn. It was dead simple to use.

Reddit and Dragon*Con

If any of you are on Reddit, I could use a little backup explaining the Back Up Project. Most people don't seem to understand what's going on, and D*C is getting support instead of pushback.
Little help?

One final thing on Dragon*Con

Please take a sec to go to the thread on the Dragon*Con community and voice your concern there. I'd like them to see even more pushback (tho' it looks like they are already getting quite a bit).

I also invite people to google for "Ed Kramer and Dragon*Con" to see why their response is rather...interesting.

For those attending Dragon*Con

Please take a moment to read this statement regarding Backup Ribbons.

I'm asking people to please also voice their concern on the dragoncon thread. I want them to see as much pushback as possible.


Heads Up for Back-Uppers

Dragon*Con has decided to nix "a self-started project that provides ribbons for fans identifying themselves as people who are able and willing to help another fan in the event assistance of any sort is needed in a difficult situation" because they're afraid of bad people using it for evil.

I kinda feel like they're looking for problems that don't exist (has anyone ever heard of such a thing happening? I mean, ribbons are handed out to guys, but the Back Up Project is pretty woman-centric). Also that having someone clearly male announcing this was a really bad idea, but having a woman announce it would not have made it much better. What do you folks think?

website updated


I think I've gotten through all the updates that I managed to be organized enough to find. (Yeah, maybe planning the update for the week of a family wedding/reunion was not my best plan?)

The following pages have changes:

What'd I miss? I'm sure 6 million things fell out of my brain.


Readercon public statement

The Readercon public statement explicitly mentions the Backup Project, so I'll [fingers crossed!] be doing the website updating this week.

Anything else that anyone wants to add, please let me know asap!

OK, I promise to shut up after this

Backup Ribbon Project Blog

Are there any other good links? I got this community, backupproject.org, the Cafe Press page, the Backup Facebook page, and some few others.

I'm planning some future entries on how not to be a Backup White Knight, along with a few great stories I heard back from Dragon*Con from people who took ribbons. Any other topics? And guest bloggers are certainly welcome!

Update on Backup Ribbon Project

First, here is the blog post announcing the return of the Backup Ribbon Project

In conjunction with this, the new donation addy is backupribbonproject [at] earthlink [dot] net . This goes to my Paypal addy. As a reminder, EVERY CENT goes to pay for ribbons and other assorted material to go out at cons. There are no "administrative costs" a la Susan G. Komen.

Second, there is now a Twitter feed @BackupRibbon , where I will be tweeting about ribbon availabllity, along with other Backup news and links to info of interest.

Third, I am working on putting together a WordPress blog site for the Backup Ribbon project. Again, to talk about the Backup Project overall, push the ribbons, T-shirts and buttons, and post entries and links that would be of interest to the fan community. Essentially, this gives us a place in the larger blog world to push the Project. If anybody is interested in contributing, please let me know.

In essence, I am working under the notion of: No judgment. No Exceptions. I got your back.

I actually would like to suggest that we have this on the back of all the t-shirts. It would signify that the person wearing it is not only easily identifiable, but that they understand that they are not there to judge, but just to provide backup.


Website back up & open site discussion

DNS is sometimes a pain in the butt, but it's all sorted now.

If anyone wants to take a look at it and throw out ideas for additions/improvements/whatever, please do. I am planning the next round of updates for August, and probably won't get to it again before December, so now would be a fab time to discuss it with everyone!