succubus_esq (succubus_esq) wrote in backupproject,

Backing Up Women at Con

Hello all!

I'm doing a series of panels on sex and gender relations at a convention in my area. Because the attendance for my panels is likely to be at least 50% men, one of the things I want to focus on is how men can back up other women without appearing creepy.

I'm going to focus on White Knight Syndrome (ie. I "rescued" you and now you owe me a date) and why it's unhealthy and misogynistic, as well as the fact men should back up women because it makes the entire community safer and more welcoming. The problem is finding ways men can back up women that aren't either implicitly threatening to the woman or implying she can't handle the situation herself.

What are the ways you would like to see men back up women? Have you had any experience in being backed up by male friends or strangers? What was the reaction? Do you find the dynamic is different when it is a man instead of a woman backing up? What about queer relationships?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer!
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