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The website is currently up.

Sometimes, for reasons we haven't been able to track down, either the whole site stops working, or http://backupproject.org works but http://www.backupproject.org does not.

We've had a lot of issues with the site, with everything else on the server behaving but that site regularly eating itself. We keep fixing it, and we've wiped it & rebuilt from scratch, but whatever, our server hates the site. I am not sure how much time either of us (my husband & I) have at the present to keep dealing with it -- when it initially went up, I'd just been laid off & we had no kids. That is no longer the case, and I'm a little sick of fighting with a darned server. (eta: it's on a server we own; we are not paying a hosting company right now, and so we're the only tech support aside from the colocation people, who only support the hardware side.)

If someone else has hosting space and wants to take it over, let me know; I have all the files & whatnot. The domain registration is paid for for a while, and I'm happy to help pay hosting costs, etc. I'd just rather not be the point person here anymore.

What happened to the backupproject.org?

It now seems to just be a domain placeholder. I've had people asking me about it because they want to know more about the overall Backup Project. Has the URL changed? Is it just gone?
I'm one of the committee of EightSquaredCon, the 2013 UK Eastercon; we described our Code of Conduct in a blog post a few weeks ago.

A new event, Nine Worlds, has recently been announced for August in London. Its website sets out a very clear and overt anti-harassment policy.

LonCon 3, the 2014 Worldcon, does not yet have a detailed policy but has said that it will not tolerate harassment and will make a more detailed statement closer to the event.
Genderswap, Cosplay, and Harassment

Feel free to comment either here or there. Also, there are new ribbons, as well as cards and stickers. PM me for details!

What happened to the web site?

backupproject.org seems to have a rather generic looking content management framework, with almost no content, for something called "premodern". Where'd the Backup Project site go?


My friend murnkay interviewed us for the Backup Ribbon Project. He also talked about the overall Backup Project. I think the interview came off very nicely.

Also, please buy his comics!

Primary Prevention link

Hey folks,

one of the people who put this resource together contacted me, suggesting I link it from the links page on backupproject.org. I've only given it a quick glance because I'm hella busy right now. Can anyone give it an in-depth read and let me know if you think it's appropriate? The quick glance looked good but...




Dragon*Con, and a new UK con

Hi everyone!

I'm Ludi - brand new here, and I'll be coming to Dragon*Con this weekend. I wanted to ask - in the light of the D*C organisers failing spectacularly on engaging with the Back Up Project, what happens now? Will there still be a table there, will distributing the ribbons be more informal, or will ribbons not be distributed at all? 

I'd also very much like to meet anyone who has been involved with Back Up at D*C and have a chat about it, cause I've just been drafted in to help run a new sci-fi con in the UK (it's called Nine Worlds, we're just starting out.) I'd like to make it as safe a space as possible right from the beginning, and am currently researching ways to do that - one of which would be having a strong Back Up Project presence there. So, this post is me asking for any advice or experiences or thoughts on that you'd like to share (I've also been reading the archives here extensively) as well as a super-preliminary bit of - if anyone's in the UK and feels like being involved, let me know? 

Thanks so much! I'm really happy that this project and community exists : )


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